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DANCE FITNESS, Health & Wellness

Health Lift FIT CAMP 2007      


Hello Every1,

Before I start rumbling on my thoughts on this trip, let me say this first.  Without the knockings and early bird phone calls, I SLEPT LIKE  A BABY for 10 straight hours last night.  However, as strange as this may sound, in some twisted way I miss them already.   For the past two days,  I've gotten to know some of you and how crazy some of you are.   I've also gotten to know me more.  I realized I am not as strong as I thought I was.  Sheila---my lungs did end up screaming and crying during, especially during the run.  I got my ass whipped from it.  Fyness, I want a rematch,  just you and I, next year.   All in all, I had a great time and enjoyed everyone's differences.

Connie, thanks for listening ...So let's meet for lunch...

Tina my body is loving and hating me and fears you.  And I love every bit of it.   I couldn't work out anymore after Saturday!  My two big toes hated me and still grunting.  

 Every part of my body was locked and hurting.  I wasn't going to participate in the jump rope class after horse back riding (love that too definitely doing it again--next time it will be 2 hours), but I am glad I did it.  If I wasn't there I would've missed the fun of the relay and the game.  

Forget about Sunday, I couldn't get up.  Lefty wouldn't stop calling and knocking my door.  We were about to tie him up and make him disappear.

Tina, thank you
hello, hello, everyone
last year I went to fit camp everybody was fun and nice. this year it was even nicer. i really enjoy myself and Tina i love you for pushing me especially running. i couldn't believe that I ran and I wasn't out of breath i still can't believe it. i told my son and he was happy for me. and I thank you again. and jump rope i loved it. everyone there was nice and a lot of fun. all the classes were great and i mean great and a lot of hard work but i did it and I'm so proud of myself. and i glad you told me to go a third time running  thank you again just remember fit campers you can still  work out  even when you are in your fifties (smile). everyone was very nice but Yuen and Antoinette were special. and yes Yuen one day I will meet you for lunch. Thank you Tina, you did a great job again.
Just want to say hi to all my fellow "Fit Camp" Divas!! I had such a great time (including Kat's party - wink wink) and will cherish all our moments we had on our journey to staying fit together!!
Thanks Tina for your continued support and dedication to us all!!

First of all, what did you do to me?  I can't flex my toes, I don't think my legs are speaking to me and my upper body is on strike!
But seriously, I would like to deeply thank you for this weekend, not only for your approach to fitness, but for always being more than that: a mentor, a therapist, a motivator, and always a FRIEND.  This weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time and I know that I am blessed to have been a part of it. 
Everyone, it was such a highlight to have met you all and if our paths should cross again, we will get it crunk ;-) Holla!~
Lefty -- if you ever knock on any door of mine again at 6:45am AND come in and throw my blanket, know that you will not make it back out.   
And y'all better watch out for Sheila, AKA the Whisperer.  She tried to run up on me Brooklyn style, and take my o' so special Joint Juice. 
 May each and everyone of you know that you are blessed.  Live life to the fullest and please keep in touch!
 Tiffany Williams-Harris

My Fitcamp experience was wonderful!

 The weekend combined new levels of working out with opportunities to meet new people and bond with fellow Tina/fitness groupies.  The workouts were fantastic. We enjoyed dance classes, Step classes, Pilates classes, Total Body conditioning and several activities outside. My favorite part of the exercise regimen was the workout that was part of Tina’s Survivor game. It was great to work outdoors in the beautiful Catskills and to challenge ourselves. Tina was, as always, inspirational. I didn’t even mind waking up at 6AM to hike a few miles.

 Our meals together were a great opportunity to get to know each other better. And our evenings in the lounge/disco/karaoke bar were nothing but fun. This getaway was truly a treat. I give Tina a lot of credit for setting up such a successful weekend.

xoxo Red(Michelle)

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DID somebody say"CHICKEN dinner"?