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DANCE FITNESS, Health & Wellness


Hello Tina,

My name is Tay and I used to take your class at the Oceana complex gym located In Brooklyn. I was one of the Residents attending your weekly classes. I'd like to find out whether you give any private classes since I need a personal trainer.

I absolute loved your classes back then, as they had really affected my day. Your charisma and energy made you memorable to me and since I am looking to get into the best shape of my life, I couldn't think of anyone else to help me get there - other than you.

Thank you in advance.
"Between taking body wrap 2x a week and going to the three day wknd fit camp my body has never been pushed so hard and has changed like this program. I have been an athlete/dancer/runner my whole life and this program is beyond. Tina Thompson is brilliant, so talented, giving, and had given me so much fire and energy for dance, my body, and life".- Samantha Mostaccio
"I have gone to FIT CAMP for the past two years and each time it has been an enlightening, beautiful, fun-filled, one of a kind experience. There isn’t a price that can be placed on the journey Fit Camp takes you on. Not only do you get to know your friends even better, and make new ones, you learn a lot about yourself. I know I am not alone in saying that I am eternally grateful that Ms. Tina Thompson finds the time each year to organize such an amazing event despite her busy schedule and does so with passion and love....Fit Camp is really a gift from her to us. Each year, I feel that I have left Fit Camp a stronger person mentally and physically. You are pushed so far beyond your comfort zone but at the same time you are having the best time of your life with wonderful people. There is no way you can leave Fit Camp without feeling anew or not gaining something positive. It is truly an amazing experience.
Thank you Ms. Tina!" - AMY SALL
A short conversation in the sauna at CRUNCH Lafayette turned into a moment of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and invitation; an invitation to Miss Tina Thompson’s world of fitness. A world, like no other I had encountered, and a world that has become part of my life for the past 4 years.  Miss Tina truly gives her all in every class she teaches, and she expects the same from her students. I admire her style, and I look forward to seeing her every Thursday evening and Saturday mornings. She motivates me in each class by pushing me, and testing my limits. However, it is her words of wisdom, shared with either an enthusiastic smile, or during a moment of seriousness, that guides me, each time I leave her class. She is in love with her craft and her students. In short, Miss Tina is not just a fitness instructor; she is hardworking, a role model, a friend, and a supporter. Her spirit is contagious, and she is truly a joy to be around.-




Hi Tina,

First, I want to thank you for changing my attitude towards fitness. After attending your class back in January, I started to focus on becoming a healthier ME rather than a size 4! I try to go to the gym 5 times a week and watch what I eat. I love your monday night pilates class (when I can get there in time from midtown west) and have started to attend your conditioning class on thursday night (which kicks my butt!)
I hear you talk about supplements and protein shakes. I always think that protein shakes will be counteractive to loosing weight, and I have no idea what supplements would be best for me at the tender age of 26. I know for sure that I need to start taking glucosamine for my problematic knees, but that's the extent of what I know.
I have also told my mother (who lives in Jersey) about your classes. I would love to purchase your video and surprise her with it. Can you bring one to your conditioning class on thursday?
Once again, thanks for making me work so hard! See you on Thursday!
written by Victor Matos

I went to a Fit Camp run by the LEGENDARY Tina Thompson . She is an amazing human being with 20+ years of dance training and just as many in Fitness. I first met Tina at her birthday party 2 years ago, I went as Karam Ahluwalia's date and I am glad I did. Miss Tina (as we call her) is by far the best instructor I've ever worked out under, including all the coaches I've trained under while in school. After that first meeting I was so enamored I convinced my mother (Carmen) to join crunch and take her classes.


It's been a year and a half now that Carmen has been going religiously to Tina's classes during weekdays and on weekends and I've seen the amazing transformation that she's undergone. Not just the weight loss and the drops in dress sizes, but also in her energy levels and in her overall fitness and health.


Even though I loved Miss Tina from day one, I don't think I was mentally ready for her to become my fitness guru. I went to one of her classes with Carmen, early on, but I never went back. I attribute my hesitation to several factors, I don't like Gyms, I was playing a lot of tennis and running and didn't see the need and I had not yet changed the way I took care of my body.


After a trip to Dominican Republic and to the doctors office (Gastroenterologist), I found out that i have Gastritis which eats away at your esophageal lining and your stomach's lining as well. This wasn't really a shock once I sat down and thought about my day to day life in NYC. High stress, long hours at work, little sleep, terrible diet and poor eating habits take their toll. I changed my diet and it relieved a lot of the symptoms and has drastically reduced the instances of heartburn and indigestion. I also started doing more to keep active.


Even after all that I still had not come to the realization that I had a need for Miss Tina's tough love. That only came after I did her Fit Camp, which if i might add Karam and Carmen have now been twice.When you consider the fact that we can't clone ourselves and that organs are still a "high commodity", the only option left is to take care of the ONE body you do have. Plastic surgery is an amazing branch of medicine but if you don't take care of yourselves its like getting a new paint job on a clunker, the body will look amazing but the insides aren't worth shit.


Anyway Back to Miss Tina, She ran the entire program all weekend with some of the classes/exercises run by some of her colleagues. We worked out the moment we got there and till the last minute possible on the last day. Yes I did puke and had a total body shutdown on the second day (and i missed one class, sorry Miss Tina), but I felt amazing every second we were there. I left the FIT camp revitalized, detoxified and sore as hell, and now i can't wait for next year's.


One thing that became very clear throughout the entire weekend is that u work out to the best of your abilities.Looking around the room during any of the classes you could see people stopping and others going strong, but everyone everyone was pushing themselves that extra bit for the love of Tina for the love of their classmates and for themselves. Miss Tina is my Fitness Village and all her true followers are now my family. If the village had a sign it would read "Enter only with love in your heart or beware". Now my question to you is this? Do you have a Fitness Village, a Fitness Family to help you on this not so easy journey?



Since I feel like I'm just running my mouth at this point all i want to say is. If you are ready to take the first step for the rest of your Fit Life let me know and I'll take you with me to her class. If you are not ready for the commitment don't bother.


We are not all the same but we all do breakdown.


(Victor is now available for private motivation coaching under our TINA'S HEALTH LIFT EMPOWERMENT TEAM PROGRAM. He can assist you on your workouts and programs or just bring him along as a work out buddy! facebook: VICTOR MATOS or email: VICTORYEXERCISE@GMAIL.COM )

Greetings Tina-
I used to attend your Ultimate Step classes taught at NYSC (Union Square).  I have since relocated to DC and still can't get over how challenging yet fun and inspiring your workouts were.  I have yet to find a step aerobics program in my area that compares.  I see on your website that you offer videos.  I would love to build a collection for exercises I can do at home when not in the gym. 

Which videos would you recommend?  Thanks in advance!

Levita Robinson
Hi Levita,
Good hearing from you too!! I am now at the Exclusive CRUNCH NEW YORK!
I am teaching classes and designing new ones as well. I would love to see you come visit us there! Order the BODY WRAP and my new "SCULPTIVITY": BODY made for you!
and also my BODY SNATCH is coming this AUGUST!
Stay in touch and Stay fit!


I want to be more thankful for 2008, so I want to say 'thank you' to you.  Your classes have transformed my gym attitude.  I look forward to going to your classes 2 times per week and because of that I go 2-3 times outside of your classes.  I also want you to know that I appreciate your vast knowledge of the human body.  I am a pharmacist and I find that everything you say about the body and supplementation is very true.  I think it's great that you are spreading the message, because many of the younger people that take your classes aren't thinking about those sorts of things.  I can tell by what you share that you understand physiology very well and it comes through in the exercises you choose for your classes.  So, thank you Tina for being such an inspiring teacher!!!!


Hi Tina!

I heard that you are coming back to Citylights for the Tuesday night class. I have been anxiously awaiting your return, because I have never taken any other class where I get the kind of workout that I get in your class. I do have a question though... at the beginning of each of your classes you always ask if anyone is pregnant. We are currently "trying", but I do not know yet if I am. If I am, I would currently be only 3 weeks, so I obviously would not want to raise my hand & say that I am. Would I be able to take your class, or should I wait to find out for sure and/or wait until the 2nd trimester?

Also, what is your feeling on heart rate during pregnancy? The previously recommended 140bpm max. will make it very difficult for me to do anything beyond walking or extremely low impact. My heart rate always tends to go high (155-180bpm) during cardio workouts, but I recover very fast. I would like to stay fit while pregnant, so let me know what you think.


Thanks so much for your help!!

Hey Tina!

Lovin' the classes and lovin' the way I feel and look! WOW!  You have done quite a number on me but I have no problem with it.  I needed it and I feel GREAT!  I honestly believe that the Creator has brought a new family in my life to take me to the next level of dance and fitness. 

When I came back to Crunch after being away for 8 years, I wanted something different in my workout.  Lo and behold, I found it in your classes.  YOU HAVE SPOILED ME TINA!

See you on Friday!



Hey Tina,
How are you? I miss you and your amazing spiritual and
physical fitness lift.
I so miss your classes in Miami--I'm in NYC wedding
planning--looking for dress and reception

I hope to see you at classes--My body sure misses your
super extreme classes. No comparison at any other gym.

I need to find a way to get my arms and legs tight again. Please help!
luv u,
Angela "Spice Girl"


Hi Tina,

    I met you on Sunday at the  McBurney YMCA. I'm one of the female pro handball players. I look forward  to working with you. Your web site is very impressive. I have a question...I have always been fit do to the sport handball, I also use to box with a trainer, and I would generally work out at home. My arms and legs stay firm because of handball and at one time my abdominal area was pretty firm. My oblique were very defined but I didn't have a six pack.  Is that something that has to run in your genes?  Maybe I didn't work hard enough to bring those muscle out? I now started working out again and I keep a good diet under the guidance of my nutritionist. I have two children and was wondering if you can give me some tips on firming up the mid section.
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,
Bernice Torres
Hey Tina,
have fun making your video. I can't wait to see it :)
But I will miss you :(  I just wanted to remind you to
bring the scoop when you come back to Oceana. That
would be great. I have to tell you that I have been
feeling more energetic since I started what you
recommended me to do. My husband noticed the change
and he said his happy that I have more energy for what
I do with the kids every day. And also that I am
feeling great about myself which was hard before. So
thanks Tina for everything that you have done for me
I can't wait for you to come back. And I promise to
not miss "my time" at the gym :)
Talk to you soon,



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