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Dance Fitness Guru, Creator of PILABALLET FIT,  Ms. Fitness USA Pro & Ms.Fitness World Choreographer/Ambassador/Competitor, 2008 NPC Fitness Champion, 4X MS. FITNESS WORLD & IFSB FITNESS WOMAN WORLD 

Over 20 Years of Experience in Dance & FITNESS!



"BE YOURSELF, Everyone is already taken!"
You don't need a special place or special time to pray. You don't need to be in a special mood to pray. Praying is like breathing, - continuous, essential, life-giving - praying is the conversation with God you start with birth and continue into old age. Praying is your celebration of God, - everything you do, everything you think, everything you say is another word, another sentence of your prayer. We are ALL standing on shoulders that paved the way before us.  Negative thoughts and words show the lack of the 'God' in YOU!.
Thank God for the gift of movement everyday.
Kick, Ball, Change! Muah! MRSZ.
Tina Thompson is a Dance Choreographer and well respected fitness ambassador professional in New York City. Her background includes Full Scholarships/ Professional training and Performance experience at all Four institutions of Dance; Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Dance Theatre of Harlem and the Juilliard School. Tina Thompson has served as a director of SKIN- The Tina Thompson Dance Company (established in 2003) for over a decade. The company is based in New York City and Thompson's works have graced the stage of Blumenthal Arts Center, Ailey Citi-Corp Theater, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Symphony Space , New York Institute for Dance Education, Aaron Davis Hall and Dance Parade Gala. SKIN DANCE company is vehicle for artistic value and self expression through the language of movement arts.
Tina Thompson seeks to provide the opportunities, challenges, infrastructures for personal growth to its artists, students, community and future generations to come. Tina Thompson believes dance is a universal language by storytelling through movement. Her vision is to touch the audience members physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Having choreographed over 22 Modern-Ballet works/ Thompson's choreography touches matters of the emotions and the state of the world politically, socio-economically and spiritually. Tina Thompson helps spread her knowledge of her created Dance Fitness Fusions by teaching dance workshops and fitness events throughout the Tri-State Area. She has been a leader in the Competitive Fitness world for a decade. She has numerous titles in World/ National Fitness and physique competition's. Thompson has represented MS. FITNESS WORLD as an ambassador for the United States. Her contribution of fitness in the community has been life changing for people who have stumbled through many obstacles in their life when it comes to their health.
Tina, My thoughts on Fit Camp: JUST WHAT I NEEDED.
I had such a great time this weekend. I looked at the price tag before going, and was a little weary, but something told me it would all be worth it, and it was. It turned out to be a mental and physical release, and a great bonding experience. I thought a lot over the weekend - a lot of things are going on, and when I said "betrayal" on the bus survey, it's because that has been a feeling I've experienced a lot these days unfortunately - but sweating, working hard, laughing, and focusing on something else has put me at peace. And we had the perfect balance of work and "enjoying the amenities" which was so important. Also, the nutrition talk was great. Glad we had that discussion. It was fun getting to know other people on the trip. I see Rose and Connie every Friday, but I knew nothing about them. But after the morning walks, sharing meals, and horseback riding with them, I feel closer to them.
I didn't have any sort of huge discussion with either of them, sometimes you dont need words to get closer to people, just experiences. And Z - after the classes on Friday, I relaized, she is the girl I see every time I am Crowne, staking out her corner of the studio while we rehearse! Now she is not just that girl I have to avoid bumping into while I am dancing, lol. There really wouldn't be anything I'd change for the next time. One thing I'd like to be added to the agenda next time is a hike. I was really looking forward to hiking sometime over the weekend, that would have been awesome. I would keep the group the same size we were, even if that meant putting people on a wait list. Oh, maybe some more meditation could be added. The Yoga sessions were awesome and really relaxing so maybe we could throw some meditation in there too. And the food.....SOOOOO GOOOD. I haven't eaten like that in awhile, and now that I took my oath, I won't be stuffing my face with a second plate for a long time....lol. 
Thank you Tina! Kerri Ford